Implementation of Software Defined Networking (SDN) with OpenFlow Controllers, Openstack and Via Overlay.



IMAGES: OpenvSwitch, Cisco L3 IOU, Ethernet Switch, Ubuntu Server 16.04.1, Ubuntu Docker, Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS, Linux Server, NAT Cloud and PC.



  • Deployed a Two tier hierarchical model, Distribution and Access layer, with OpenvSwitches, created a Out-of-Band management network to establish communication with the SDN controllers for exchanging OpenFlow Protocol messages, thereby achieving a Southbound API.
  • Configured VLANs by tagging and ports connected to the hosts as Access ports to isolate the network traffic.
  • Implemented SDN Via Overlay by creating VXLAN Tunnel on OpenvSwitch to allow hosts to be on the same subnet even though they are separated by a Layer 3 routed domain and to encapsulate the traffic.
  • Implemented Quality of Service (QoS) to rate-limit traffic by configuring Ingress-Policing-Rate and Ingress-Policing-Burst.
  • Deployed SDN Controllers OPENDAYLIGHT, HP, RYU, ONOS and configured OpenvSwitches to communicate with the controllers over a SSL/TLS connection.
  • Configured SDN controllers for manipulating Service Definition Level abstractions such as Port, Flow table, Meter and Group.
  • Deployed Openstack with Neutron, Nova, Swift, Cinder and Heat services and integrated Openstack with SDN Controllers achieving a Northbound Interface to deploy applications through HTTPS REST API.
  • Configured Neutron on Openstack to provide Firewall, Load balancer and VPN services by implementing FWaaS, LBaaS V2 and VPNaaS.
  • SDN Controllers, now integrated with Openstack Neutron, is configured to manipulate Service Configuration Level Abstractions.
  • Deployed Neutron Plug-ins such as Firewall to inspect Ingress and Egress traffic, Load Balancer to load balance between the incoming HTTP and HTTPS requests and VPN for remote access.




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