Cisco, GNS3, IPv6

Multi-Site Network Emulation

Network Emulation



IMAGES: Cisco L3 IOU, IOSv, L2 IOU, Frame Relay Switch, Ethernet Switch, NAT Cloud and PC.



Phase-1 LAN Network

  • Configured DHCP Server to assign and manage from a pool of IP addresses and DHCP Snooping has been enabled on all trunk interfaces to validate DHCP messages.
  • Configured Private VLAN to partition the Broadcast domain of a VLAN into subdomains and isolate the hosts.
  • EtherChannel has been configured to provide fault-tolerant high-speed links and to increase the Bandwidth mitigating the bottlenecks.

Phase-2 WAN Network

  • FHRP namely HSRP and GLBP has been configured to facilitate transparent fail-over at first hop IP router and packet load sharing between group of redundant routers.
  • PPP Multilink has been configured to aggregate the Bandwidth of low-speed WAN links and QOS has been enabled.
  • EIGRP, RIP, OSPFv3 Routing Protocols has been configured to educate the routers of the existing networks and routes are redistributed between IGP’s.
  • DMVPN using GRE over IPSec has been configured over Multi-Point Frame Relay for Dynamic Tunnel establishment.
  • NAT/PAT has been configured to allow the users on the LAN subnet to access the Internet.

Phase-3 Monitoring

  • IP SLA has been configured to measure the Network performance.
  • SNMPv3 and Syslog Server has been configured to monitor the devices in the network.

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