Cisco, GNS3, IPv6

Implementation of IPv6 and a Viable Solution for Migration to IPv6 from the existing Network Infrastructure.     




IMAGES: Cisco IOSv, IOSv L2, Linux Server, NAT Cloud and PC.



  • Implemented GLBP to avert single point of failure and to actively load balance the packets.
  • Zone Based Firewall has been implemented to provide Stateful Filtering services and Public services such as Web, mail and DNS servers are placed in DMZ Zone for providing access to these public servers.
  • Global Multicast Routing has been implemented to enable scalable distribution of content efficiently across the globe.
  • IGP’s such IS-IS and OSPFv3 is implemented to educate the routers with in a site of the existing networks and EGP BGP to establish communication between sites.
  • Multi-Topology Routing has been implemented to create multiple topologies within a single area or domain for service differentiation through class based forwarding.
  • Stateful NAT64 translation has been implemented on edge routers to provide seamless IPv4 internet access.

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