GNS3, Network Automation

Enterprise Composite Model Automation with Ansible

Network Automation


IMAGES:  Cisco NX-OSv, Cisco IOSvL2, Ethernet Switch, Cisco L3 IOU, Cisco ASAv 9.7.1, Ubuntu Docker, Linux Server, NAT Cloud and PC.



  • Deployed Enterprise Composite Model which primarily consists of Enterprise campus, Edge and SP Edge and the Enterprise campus is further divided according to the hierarchical model i.e., Core, Distribution, Access and Server Farm to create a fault tolerant network and have much granular control.
  • Deployed all three layers with Layer 3 Switches, NX-OSv and IOSvL2, and disabled STP on all ports except the host facing ones or access ports to eliminate spanning tree convergence time and avoid loops, thereby achieving a completely Localized VLAN and Spanning Tree Free Network.
  • Enabled IP Routing on all switches and ran Routing Protocol EIGRP to educate the switches of all the existing networks and tweaked it to reduce the convergence time to less than a second.
  • Configured Secure Shell (SSH) on all switches for encrypted or secure remote access.
  • Deployed Ansible on a Ubuntu docker, wrote and ran .YAML/Jinja2 Playbook scripts to automate configuration tasks like DHCP Snooping, ARP Inspection, Port Security on access ports



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